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On-line Training and Courses, Scholarships, Grants and Skills Training Reimbursement

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ABWA is the only professional development organization for women offering access to a cross-country network of like-minded women and an exclusive online learning tool, Community Connection. Community Connection provides ABWA members with the tools they need to connect, learn, and grow.


Scholarships and Grants

When five year old Stephen Bufton, son of ABWA’s founder Hilary Bufton, passed away in 1953, a memorial fund was created in his name to further educational opportunities for women, both members and non-members. The idea was enthusiastically accepted by ABWA’s Board of Directors and by 1956, $2,166 dollars was awarded in grants and loans to women. Since its inception sixty years ago, the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund (SBMEF) has awarded almost $17 million dollars in scholarships to more than 17,000 women.

Originally viewed as a "small fund", the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund (SBMEF), ABWA’s national educational fund, is one of the most highly respected grant and scholarship funds in the country.

ABWA’s educational fund has four different scholarship programs to support women in their pursuit of knowledge; National Scholarship, Outright Grant, Business Skills Tuition Reimbursement and Impact Scholarship.

Each scholarship program has a unique set of guidelines, applicant eligibility requirements and procedures. To participate in any SBMEF program, the sponsoring league and the applicant must comply with the requirements.

Questions or inquiries may be directed to webmail@sbmef.org

Visit the ABWA website for more information

Information on the ABWA website is current for 2015.  Please revisit the link to view updated information when it becomes available.  The information provided will give you a good sense of the amounts and types of funding available.

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